Is it possible to get more project storage

I have created a discord bot that is growing in popularity, it is now on 640+ servers. I fear that my project will run out of space soon with the ever growing database size, are there any possible solutions that don’t involve 3rd party sites and are free?

There’s nothing within Glitch itself that can allow you to to scale disk space, no - you would need to look for an outside solution to host the database if you feel like it would grow beyond a Glitch app size. We may have the option to increase disk space in the future, but it would likely not be free.

If this is an app that’s been around for a few months, I’d make sure you’re using pnpm to install any npm modules on the project (you can do this by going into the console and running the enable-pnpm command). This will make it so your node_modules don’t count towards your disk space, which may save you a few mb.

So that’s what pnpm does! I didn’t know that, thanks :smiley: