Is it possible to let projects sleep instead of consuming project hours?

Hi, I’ve saw the new update on the changelog but I’m worried that all my projects will consume those, will it be possible to let one be 24/7 and the others sleep after 5 minutes of no traffic?

Unless you have boosted, projects cannot be online 24/7.

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@maumaumaumaumaumau you can de-activate projects, that might take up your project hours.

On the changelog I saw the project hours thread and it gives 1000 hours wich is more than month.

1000 hours wich is more than month.

You get 1000 hours each month @maumaumaumaumaumau

Oh alright, another question I have is, is it possible to edit a lua project without making it use project hours?

Sorry, But no. You cant edit a project without using project hours.


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You can use Glitch’s Git integration to edit the project on your computer. Then it’ll only update when you push or pull.


If you think about it. It would be damn near impossible to use all the hours since 1000 hours is over 35+ days. So you would need 2 projects running 24/7 to beat that.

Or 4 projects running for 12 hours. Or 8 projects running for 6 hours. etc.