Is it possible to make a Google Calendar Slack plugin?


I was wondering if Gomix can be used to create a slack plugin that will look at tomorrows events in a google calendar and then display that to a slack channel, fired off at a specified time? e.g. at 4:30pm display tomorrow’s calendar summary in #someChannel … so the people in that channel can see what’s due tomorrow and prepare, etc.

Currently, slack offers a Google Calendar plugin but it only does today’s summary, when fired off at a given time.

And we can’t customize the display message: e.g. Tomorrow’s events are: …

So - can we do this with Gomix?


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Hi PureKrome,

I bet it’s possible, but I don’t know the details. I can tell you what I would try to do:

  1. Check in the npm registry if there is any Slack bot with custom Calendar events. If not:
  2. I would make the Slack bot that hooks on the today’s events
  3. I would then look at the Google Calendar API to see how to get tomorrows events and fetch them
  4. Update the Slack bot to use the tomorrows events instead of the one it already uses.

Again, this is a very broad overview of what I would do. For time reasons I can’t code it :slight_smile: but if you want to share your progress, I am sure that either me or other people in the forum will help you figure out the next step!

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