Is it possible to programatiacally generate assets to be served?

Hi, I’m using Python and I know very little about web deployment, so I’m using some nano-examples with flask.

Can I save to disk an image generated by my script/app, say a PNG or a SVG, and load it from a static HTLM page? Where should I save it? What would that path be on the HTML?

I have tried saving to root ìmage.svg, then <img = src="image.svg"> produces a 404 error.

I have seen a thread that mentions that assets is a virtual folder you can’t save into it, and I stopped there.

Yes you can just save it in the apps’ disk space (the /app folder)
There is no way, however, to save to the assets CDN via code at the moment.
You can vote for this here:

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Thanks for engaging with this question @EddiesTech!
Could you please be even more basic and show me a Python save and a HTML load path? I tried <img src="app/image.svg"> without sucess.

Does the image file show up in the editor? If not, does it come up when you do the command ls in the terminal

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When loading images, you should pretend that the app folder does not exist.

<img src="/file.png" />

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it does not appear :frowning:

This is a different strategy I don’t want to pursue but proves that saving works…