Is it possible to push changes to a GitHub repository from Glitch everytime a major change has been made?

Glitch is supposed to be a development environment where it is easy to test certain things, but sometimes its a bit hard to use it the way it’s intended to be used. Of course Glitch could use many improvements to its editor such as intellisense and better syntax highlighting but it’s very easy to get setup with and works within the browser with little to no overhead on the client side, but is there anyway to push these changes to a GitHub repository?

In my case I am hosting a discord bot on glitch made using JavaScript but due to the low cpu capacity which even simply installing SQLite could increase cpu usage upto 88% and give a warning, it would be nice to be able to push these changes over to a GitHub where it’s hosted elsewhere. Now I know you’re going to point out just use your own pc or setup code-editor on your hosting system but due to the great real-time collaborative features that would otherwise be bottlenecked on the local pc by internet, Glitch is what solved a lot of these problems related to client side bottlenecks and real time collaboration but it also creates a lot more problems as well but most of the time they are dealable and has some way around it, although I’m stuck on this.

As I have noticed already, Glitch can use GitHub’s API to gain access to the repositories accessible by a user to import them to a Glitch project. As Glitch already uses git in its own back end it would be fairly simple to implement the API to push a change to a repository.

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I’ve made a tutorial on that topic!

That is just GitHub to Glitch project and not the other way around if I got the tutorial correctly

That would be way easier. You just have to specify a custom hook on Glitch commit.

The thing you should change is code:

git push origin glitch