Is it possible to refresh just one file?

Hello! I have a discord bot that keeps track of scores in a JSON file as storage, is it possible to just refresh the JSON file instead of restarting the entire bot to see the changes in the JSON file in the editor? Thanks!

I have automatic restarts disabled because of something else setup.

Hi @BlockTunes! Welcome to the Glitch forum! I think that might not be possible per this comment

but someone else might be able to weigh in more helpfully! You could also view the contents of the JSON file more up-to-date without refreshing the app by viewing them in the console with a text editor such as nano or vim. Good luck with your project, and let me know if you have any more questions (or if I’ve misunderstood!) :slight_smile:

Hi @BlockTunes, welcome to the Glitch forum! @househaunt is correct, there’s no way to refresh the contents of a single file in the Editor view. Sorry for the bother!

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