Is it possible to use a website's domain name to host my minecraft server?

I don’t want to reveal my ip, when someone asks whats the IP, is it possible for me to get a domain name from glitch, and redirect it to my IP so they can join?

Hi @Not-A-Wirus-exe. If you’re looking to host your minecraft server on Glitch I’m not sure how successful that will be - it was briefly discussed in Minecraft Server but I’m not sure anything came of it.

If you’re not looking to host a Minecraft server on Glitch then putting Glitch in the middle of the domain-name-to-ip translation seems unnecessarily complex. There are a few DNS services that offer free DNS hosting and even handle dynamically updating domain name to ip address when an IP address changes - this is not uncommonly used to have a domain name point to someone’s ISP-provided IP address for a server someone’s hosting in their home.

Can youy give us a little more detail about what you’re trying to achieve?