Is it stable to be paid?

Is glitch stable enough? I was thinking about the upgrade to paid but I’am already experincing second outage during last 7 days.
Is it just a coincidence?

@steelspace sometimes glitch can still break with a paid plan

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More often that not, Glitch is a very stable platform. Unfortunately, these outages can happen from time to time. While Glitch’s uptime may not be has high as other hosts, Glitch also brings many unique features to the table such as realtime editing, unlimited projects, and many languages can be used.


I am sure these issues are related, as they only started happening during these last few weeks. I am sure Glitch will figure out these issues and return to how it was before with amazing uptime. Before, I didn’t even know there was status page! If it were me, I would wait to get the paid plan, but it’s your call and anyhow, Glitch will hopefully fix these issues soon. They are awfully responsive to these outages and I would like to thank them for the work they are doing to fix this mess. :slight_smile:

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