Is NPM 15 supported?

I need NPM 15 for an important feature in a project. I’m not asking if it’s officially supported, mind you. If I have to install it using Yarn or something, that’s fine. Is it supported on Glitch? In other words, would I break the server by installing it?

You could try
[npm/yarn/pnpm] i node npm npx

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Huh? Can I just change the Node version to 15 everywhere?

Can you elaborate?

I’m busy rn but i’ll try to respond tomorrow!

Okay. I don’t have that much time, I’ll just go ahead.

Is this the right command for an installation with Yarn?
yarn i node npm npx

I hope so.

Doesn’t work, and I deleted package-lock.json while trying. Oh, well. Hope that wasn’t important. Yarn throws incompatibility error.

Do that but alias
node to node_modules/node/bin/node
and so forth (at least for standard npm module install location)

Do you know how I could do it? Like, could I execute an installer from the terminal? And how do I do alias? Could you make a single-line script for me to use?

npm is currently at version 7 in the wild, so maybe you’re talking about node.js.

on glitch we get our node.js by setting the engines.node setting in package.json. but according to this page in the help section, it looks like it only has up to 14.x

addendum: if you have some other way to get node 15, it shouldn’t actually break the server. the infrastructural stuff in the container is rigged up always to use node 10.


Besides, Node 14’s EOL isn’t anytime soon.


Hi there - I’m assuming you mean Node 15 and not NPM 15. Glitch containers do not have Node 15 on them, the latest available version is 14.


Could support be added? I need the Crypto module for a project.

The crypto npm module is now a NodeJS built-in module, you just need to require it without installation:

const crypto = require("crypto");

It is in Node 15. But is it in Node 14?

It is not supported in Node 14. That’s why I need Node 15.

We’re currently working on a process and policy for keeping Node up to date with LTS versions, which I should have an update on pretty soon. I’ve made a note, though, that there is interest in support for Current odd-number releases.


Here’s me using crypto in Node 14 (v14.13.0):