Is Self Pinging Bannable?

I code Discord bots with Glitch. They need to stay online. I coded my projects to ping theirself. They know other projects’ URL and request to that URL every minute. Is this bannable? I heard pingers are banned.

Free projects sleep after 12h.

They ping between them. So if a project sleeps, another project wakes it up.

And yes, I’m pretty sure that any type of keeping projects 24/7 up (excluding boosted projects) is bannable.

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Why? If I open it with browser it is not but if I open with code it is bannable. I don’t know any other site that provides 24/7 up and console. I use Glitch because of console.

Anything that is against Glitch’s ToS is bannable.
What can you do:

  • use an old pc to host your bot 24/7
  • have a raspberry pi
  • pay for glitch boosted apps
  • use (you can’t make your projects private with the free plan)
  • VPS
  • etc

I use an AWS EC2 server, owned by my friend (after glitch announced that change).
I’m pretty sure you can get one for free for 12 months, but it depends which one you choose.


OK, I did not know self pinging was bannable. I will delete the codes to self ping.

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