Is there a 'how to push glitch project to GH' tutorial for n00bs?

i understand glitch pushes to a glitch branch of an existing GH repo. this is not working for me. I have a project entirely coded in glitch. workflow thus far:

  1. I created a GH repo just for project.
  2. Then created a because I understand there has to be at least one file in the repo for Glitch to be able to push.
  3. Granted all permissions
  4. Pasted in the repo name/gh address when prompted, ok’ed the ‘updated in glitch’ commit msg
  5. glitch reports the export was successful…and it does not show up in GH. nowhere to be found.

no glitch branch is created, i’m still showing master only. i can’t figure out how to create a branch for glitch. any help/guidance appreciated


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It sounds like you’ve done it correctly.

We recommend checking the ‘initialize repo’ option when creating the repo, if you could give that a go in a new repo and let us know if you still have problems.

I just tried new repo with 'initialize" box checked, which successfully created new repo. but same problem: i hit export, paste in the new repo address, glitch says export successful…and no signs on the GH end that anything happened

Sorry to hear that you’re still having problems with this. If you could let us know if you see any error messages in the devtools console when you click export, that would help us get to the bottom of the cause.