Is there a timeline for Node >= 6.6.0 support?

Topic name says it all. I saw an earlier post that made it sound like this might be on the roadmap. Node 6.6.0 supports ES6, and it would be really nice to be able to use it in HyperDev server-side code.

Context: I’m writing a course that teaches server-side programming with Node/Express. ES6 is a requirement for the course, and HyperDev is a nearly perfect tool for embedding example apps and drills in my course materials. Just need that sweet sweet backend ES6 support!

Yes, Node 6+ is on the roadmap and it’s “coming soon”! I’ve been playing around in our staging environment where (among some other sweet upgrades) we have Node 6.5.0 running :sunglasses:

I don’t have an exact timeline for when this will ship. In the meantime, I’ve had pretty good success using the v8 harmony flags. Here’s the list for 4.3.3 (node --v8-options | grep harmony):

  --es_staging (enable all completed harmony features)
  --harmony (enable all completed harmony features)
  --harmony_shipping (enable all shipped harmony fetaures)
  --harmony_modules (enable "harmony modules" (in progress))
  --harmony_array_includes (enable "harmony Array.prototype.includes" (in progress))
  --harmony_regexps (enable "harmony regular expression extensions" (in progress))
  --harmony_proxies (enable "harmony proxies" (in progress))
  --harmony_sloppy (enable "harmony features in sloppy mode" (in progress))
  --harmony_unicode_regexps (enable "harmony unicode regexps" (in progress))
  --harmony_reflect (enable "harmony Reflect API" (in progress))
  --harmony_destructuring (enable "harmony destructuring" (in progress))
  --harmony_sharedarraybuffer (enable "harmony sharedarraybuffer" (in progress))
  --harmony_atomics (enable "harmony atomics" (in progress))
  --harmony_new_target (enable "harmony" (in progress))
  --harmony_tostring (enable "harmony toString")
  --harmony_concat_spreadable (enable "harmony isConcatSpreadable")
  --harmony_rest_parameters (enable "harmony rest parameters")
  --harmony_spreadcalls (enable "harmony spread-calls")
  --harmony_spread_arrays (enable "harmony spread in array literals")
  --harmony_arrow_functions (enable "harmony arrow functions")
  --harmony_computed_property_names (enable "harmony computed property names")
  --harmony_unicode (enable "harmony unicode escapes")
  --harmony_object (enable "harmony Object methods")
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Thanks for the tip on the harmony flag, works like a charm.

:thumbsup: glad to hear it!

For the benefit of others who find this thread, you can pass node flags to the “start” script in package.json e.g.:

"scripts": {
  "start": "node --harmony server.js"
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