Is there a way I can search two JSON files?

Currently, I’m working on a project that searches through two different JSON files.
Right now, I have:

var search = message.content.split(/\s+/g).slice(1).join(" ");
        if (!search) return message.reply('Please give a character name!')

        var waifuobj = waifusearch //My JSON file
        var husbandoobj = husbandosearch //My other JSON file

        let WName = Object.values(waifuobj.waifuID).find(value => value.names.toLowerCase() === search.toLowerCase()).names;
        let HName = Object.values(husbandoobj.husbandoID).find(value => value.names.toLowerCase() === search.toLowerCase()).names;

        let WImg = Object.values(waifuobj.waifuID).find(value => value.names.toLowerCase() === search.toLowerCase()).img_url;
        let HImg = Object.values(husbandoobj.husbandoID).find(value => value.names.toLowerCase() === search.toLowerCase()).img_url;

        let WClaim = Object.values(waifuobj.waifuID).find(value => value.names.toLowerCase() === search.toLowerCase()).claims;
        let HClaim = Object.values(husbandoobj.husbandoID).find(value => value.names.toLowerCase() === search.toLowerCase()).claims;

        let embed = new MessageEmbed()
        .setDescription(`Claims: ${WClaim}`)
        .setFooter(`Powered by: 🎀Twintails API `, ``)

I want it so that it searches both JSON files. This code right now, searches through the waifusearch JSON and finds all the waifu names, img_url’s and claims. I want it so if a person searches a husbando name, it looks through the husbandosearch JSON file instead of the waifusearch one.

Example of waifuID & husbandoID:,