Is there a way to change project type?


I have my glitch project wich is a hello-webpage project, but i want to change it into a hello-express page. Is there a easy way to do that instead of creating a new one and copy paste it into the new one. EDIT: Oh and also if i have a hello-webpage project, can i for example import a project that has node and express etc, to glitch, and will it automaticly change to a hello-express



Hey @ramoth123, there isn’t a way to change the project type in exactly the way you mention. Each of those project “types” basically represent what project the new project was Remixed from under the hood, and once the Remix has happened and you have your new project there’s no longer any connection between the two.

However, the difference between a static website project and a Node project (of which the hello-express is an example) is “just” the presence of a package.json; if Glitch sees that file in your project it treats it as a node-based project. Once you’ve got a package.json file you can add your packages as you would to a project that started out from hello-express. Whether it’s easier to go that direction or to start a new hello-experess-based project and move the information from the hello-website-based project to the new project depends on what it is you’re trying to migrate.

To answer your final question, if you import a project from a GitHub repo, the contents of the project you’re importing to will be replaced with the contents of the GitHub repo. If the repo contains a package.json file then when Glitch starts the project after import it will be treated as a Node project.

I hope all this helps, but please let us know if you have further questions.



yep it helps. You see, i have a project on Visual Studio where i have my current glitch web project and a package.json etc, so now when i push it to github and import to glitch it will be a node project, so thanks.

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