Is there a way to convert discord.js v11 to v12?

So, im on discord.js v11 and whant to update to v12 quickly… any options?

Take a look at the changelog over at

but is there a easyer way? like a converter?

I don’t think much changed… so updating shouldn’t take too long

if the bot is basic, you could just put v12 instead of v11 in the package.json

This is quite incorrect. A lot changed. Depending on your bots functionalities, size and amount of code, it can take a while to do so, but you can always use a command, or VSC to replace some quick breaking changes.

yes, but can you convert it in a fast way?

There is no converter. You have to look at the docs, and changelog to change the relevant code. Also, their support server can be helpful

yeah, sometimes the support server is trashy but im just overall too lazy to convert it. lol

There are shortcuts on Glitch for finding and replacing. Here they are:
Ctrl + Alt + F = Find and Replace
Crtl + F = Find

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But you’ll be bush for a few hours converting as they changed a lot as already stated. Hope the shortcuts will help you a bit :wink:

wll that rly work!!!

alright! thanks! so much!!!

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I used the shortcuts and it will work. It was even easier for me, but my bot has over 359 commands, so you know how long I’ve been busy :frowning:

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: