Is there a way to have a .bashrc file when I open the console?

It would be nice if when I open a console it has a .bashrc configured from my proflie that I might load.

So tired of typing ls -l for my alias ll

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short version
In console, you can add files through nano, vim, and emacs. Then source them!

longer version
vi .bashrc, hit the letter i to enter insert mode, add your function or alias ll='ls -l', and exit vim (esc then write the file and quit with by typing :wq). Once you’re back in the terminal source .bashrc and the new shortcut works!


  • Thanks for the idea! I hadn’t thought about customizing the console here.
  • I imagine you could set a lot of bash customization in a project and then remix it for later stuff…

The /app directory that the console starts up in is your home directory, so that’s where you want to add the file.

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