Is there a way to stop my app?


Hey, I am new to glitch and I am using it as a Discord bot. I am trying to figure out how to stop my bot to apply new changes. Thanks


Found out that I could just change a json file for it to restart.



Hey @realSaddy! I use Glitch to host my Discord bot too! It’s pretty helpful as it’s free. One way I would recommend updating your bot’s code is copying the main .js code to a Pastebin or a .txt file in your Glitch project and edit it there. You can also easily create another Discord bot to use as your beta version to make sure everything works before adding it to your main bot. Then when you’re ready to add the new code to your bot, just copy and paste it from the .txt file to your bot’s source code. Then I would recommend adding a /restart command to your bot so you can restart it when necessary.

If you have any questions or need with something else, you can get my Discord here and shoot me a question. Hope this helps :smiley: