Is there a word for linking colored areas to actions, in a game-like app?

Hello :star2:

I am working on my first Glitch project that is a remix of LIKELIKE Online. This is my 2nd or 3rd project in JS, so everything still feels new.

In the original code, users actions are mapped to game commands by colored areas… does this make sense ? I tried searching on the Web for more information about this process, novel to me - but I have yet to stumble upon the right keywords… If you could help me finding more information about this, I’d be quite happy!

I am using this encoding here, but in vain - I have yet to make it work properly.

Let me know if something is missing or if I could ask elsewhere or if you need more information!



Managed to find a workaround - still looking for the word though :star2:

Consider this solved nonetheless. For the record it might be a Firefox issue - I managed to get it working in Chrome but not Firefox :slight_smile:

Have a great day,