Is there any changes with project sleep for free users?

My bot does a hard sleep after sometime within half and hour where it was said there is a had sleep only at every 12 hour

Hi @rajeevkrao!
Glitch has always made your projects sleep after 5 minutes, but people got around this by using pinging services to ping their project every 5 minutes or even less to keep their project online. Recently, Glitch banned these services after a series of major outages of the service, thought to be caused by an increase in the amount of pings and how quickly people chose these pings to be done. Read more:

The only way to keep your project online 24/7 is by paying for Boosted Apps
Hope this helps :slight_smile:
Happy Glitching :glitch:


and what if there are lot of traffic to the website? will it go to hard sleep even if people are surfing through the project’s webpages after 5 minutes?
What I meant to say if there are lot of traffic then the project will get hits from different IPs still the project will go to sleep?

When a user first goes onto the site or project the 5 minutes starts. Every time a user interacts with the site causing a GET or POST request to the project, the 5 minutes resets. Once the 5 minutes is up you will get the loading screen and all the above restarts.