Is there any way to change the colour theme view of text in the editor?

I have very bad eyesight and my glasses tend to refract some colours weirdly in certain conditions. I’ve got glitch set to dark mode, but the colours used for text in the theme (mainly the colours with a strong bright cyan/magenta) are giving me one hell of a headache because of the way the colours slightly split in my glasses. Almost to the point that it’s unusable.

Hoping there’s a way I can customise the colours?

Hi @Harrietofthesea, welcome to the Glitch forum!

I’m sorry the editor colors are giving you a headache! When you’re experiencing this is it primarily in the code editor / filetree itself, or are you running into this in the project terminal?


It’s mainly the code editor. I’ve had a good look just now and it’s primarily the bright cyan against the black background, and the darker blue that the Prettier button turns in dark mode (though that’s less of an issue than the cyan because I’m not staring directly at it as much). Also the logo but I don’t expect to be able to change that!

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Unfortunately there aren’t any built-in methods to reskin the editor theme right now, but almost everything is controlled using CSS variables that are defined in the selector .theme-cosmos (for dark mode; .theme-sugar is the light mode). If you’re familiar at all with CSS you could experiment with new values for those variables in your browser’s CSS dev tools, then use a browser extension like Stylus or Tampermonkey to keep those overrides.

Example below: I changed --variable-shim-keyword in Firefox’s dev tools to darken the JavaScript keywords like const that you mentioned were too bright.


This would be a great feature to add to the new Glitch website


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