Is there any way to have separeate "development" and "production" urls so my users don't get errors while I'm editing my app?


A couple of days ago I posted a thing I made to reddit and it was getting a fair bit of traffic. I noticed a few bugs that I’d really like to have fixed, but I couldn’t because I knew a bunch of people would start hitting error pages as they flowed in from reddit.

Is there a way to make updates to my app in a way that essentially allows me to have a “dev” and “production” url? So I can share the production one, and then safely make edits to my code base, test it with my dev url, and only push my edits to the production one when I’m happy that it’s all working fine?



We get around this ourselves at the moment by using multiple projects that we switch between - one for dev and one for prod. There’s more workflow specifics in!/community? which you might be interested in. However, we intend to provide a proper solution for this that keeps things simple but functional.


Okay, cool, good to know it’s on the road map!