Is there any way to host Discord *Python* bot on Glitch?

Hello guys!

So, I’ve made my first functional bot a few months ago (3 commands) and I haven’t really updated it. Now, I am thinking about better host. I am using Heroku currently, but I know some people who use Glitch to host their Discord bots.
For Heroku, I feel so limited and I almost got charged once. Glitch feels more friendly, at lesat from my perspective.

Anyway, I would like to choose Glitch if possible. Is there even support for Python?
I know that you can only use Javascript, but I don’t really know to program Javascript. I am also a bit new to Python, but I just want to move my current files to Glitch.
I currently have files: bot, procfile(this is Heroku’s thing), and requirements text file.

Is there any way to do that?
Thank you!

Yes! There is support for python. You can check out this project to see how it’s done. Click Here

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You made may day with that reply, I hope, I’ll be able to set it up. :smiley:
I am learning Python right now and it’s actually not that hard as I thought!

How would I make it that when you open a website it turns on?
I have same files as the guy that you shared his project with me and the bot is working fine!
Basically, when you visit your project’s website, it shows only “On”.
I want to change that by making my own website which would turn the bot on.
How would I do that?

For that you’d have to have html files and a more advanced server. I’d recommend node.js or php for webpages, not python.