Is there anyone created a project from Gitlab private repo? How?

I’m trying to create a new project from my existing gitlab private repo but I think I’m doing it incorrectly? Do I need to create ssh key? I follow the advice here Gitlab integrations but I’m not sure if I did it correctly. I also watched the video from here

Hey @isemaj let’s see if we can get things sorted out.

You won’t need an ssh key for this process, but you will need your Gitlab username and password, and they need to be url-escaped, so if your password has special characters that disrupt urls that might be a problem for you. If I’m running into a problem like this sometimes I’ll temporarily change my password to something super simple for testing and change it right back after testing - if it works with a simple password then you know the problem’s with how your password is interacting with your repo url. Characters like “@”, “&”, and “?” commonly cause problems. You can also try to use a tool like to encode the password portion.

The general format of the url you need to use, as mentioned in the help doc, is

So if you wanted to clone from my project at (and it was private but you had access to it) your url would look like

If you have two-factor authentication enabled in your GitLab account then this won’t work and you’ll have to use a Personal Access Token from

Let us know if any of this helps!

I am trying to import with this URL but Glitch interface does not seem to be responding. Would you happen to know what might be happening here?

The Personal Access Token has read_repository scope on, which I assume is enough.

The other options are:

Thanks for taking a look!