Is there anyway to restore a project

I accidentally imported a project, and can I recover files that were before import?

Project Owner: @MAZ
Project Name: wnw

Yes, you will need to rewind your project. Click Tools, select Rewind then choose the point of time your project should be rewinded to.

It says: We’re sorry, something went wrong! Please try again, or try refreshing the editor.

Have you tried this in a private window?

No, How ?

You should probably reach out to and they can use admin tools to restore an old project.

They want an old version of the project. :stuck_out_tongue:

What browser and device do you use?

Google Chrome, Windows 10 :eyes:

If you use a computer then right click on a Chrome window and then click New Incognito Window or of you use a phone, click the sidebar and then click New Incognito Window.

you can archive it from the archived projects section in your dashboard

just hover over your project and hit reactivate


You could always do it the manual way, you would just have to know which commit to go to.

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