Is there is PHP on glitch?

does glitch support PHP?

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PHP does work, see and for example, but you don’t get the UI niceties like our Node.js support.


it doesn’t seem to work with php contact form

and when i asked if my code has an error, people said that the code is good and the problom is in the host

If you share your project, we can take a look.

Hey @Callum-OKane I don’t see a question here - were you trying a PHP project and it wasn’t working or something else?

Whenever I try to use php on the project, it gives that error, then I dont use php, and the error is gone.

There are some PHP errors in the Logs pane. I don’t think this is a general PHP problem as much as a problem with this project specifically, in particular the attempt to require a url.

Ok, thank you, I deleted the post I had sent first, because it has a private project in it, which cannot be leaked.

Did Glitch had plans to make PHP built-in to new projects?

Hi @AJHaliliDev2006PH right now we’re focussed on making the NodeJS experience on Glitch as streamlined and awesome as we can so we don’t have any near-term plans to work on better support for other languages or ecosystems right now. Perhaps some day, though…


Okay, I’ll stay tuned in #changelog for any updates there.


Hi! so my html and php seems to be working but, when i submit my input on my website, i dont receive the input on messages.txt