Is there still a way for me to get the VSCode Glitch extension?

VSCode’s just my favorite IDE.
It has cool Dracula theme, code formatter, simple yet very aesthetic file icons, bracket pair colorizer and quite some more extensions.

Is there still an easy way to edit my Glitch projects with VSCode?

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Right now you can’t use the official Glitch vscode extension. However, if you want to use vscode, you could always clone the Glitch git repo to your computer, edit in vscode, then push to Glitch.

I’m pretty sure wh’s snail program has a nice feature for this:


Thanks, but that leaves me with 2 new questions.

  1. Is git push glitch master:staging all I have to do to push it onto Glitch (aside from the refresh command of course)

  2. It doesn’t run my index.js file for some reason. Could you have a look at it? Glitch :・゚✧. Sorry about it looking so messy, it’s compiled from TypeScript, but for debugging purposes I added a console.log("Hey"); on line 1.

this looks like it’s missing a package.json file, so Glitch runs it as a static website

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