Is this an appropriate use of glitch?

Hello! I’m asking a question regarding whether glitch is appropriate for something I’ve been tasked to do.

I’m working with a game on the Roblox platform. We’ve partnered with a company and we’re going to be doing a little something that’s leaving me a little stumped. We need to store a large list of secret “codes” that players can use to earn a reward, and a boosted glitch app seems to be perfect for us noobie developers to store these codes and manipulate them from our game.

The problem comes down to this: The development team for our game is VERY small and none of us are experts on this sort of thing. We’re not sure what to do. We estimate to have 200-300k codes that we’d have to store and access, that we’d be using 6-10 megabytes of storage space to store the codes, and that there would be hundreds or thousands of requests a minute. I don’t know if glitch is designed to be bombarded with this kind of thing, which is giving me a bit of pause.

If glitch is definitely not the place for this, can I be recommended other services that might be appropriate? Otherwise, think there’s any tips to give me?


As long as you don’t surpass the technical restrictions in place on Glitch, your project should be OK.
Read more:


Looks good to me! Much appreciated.


I also wish you luck, this seems like a very neat project! Do you share if you can!


You don’t need a project for that. You can store it in server storage or Server Script Serive as a module that returns a table. ROBLOX’s VMs hold a lot of data. So you should be good.


This might be the first project that publicly claims a request rate as high as that. Really, you’d probably be compared against these fine examples from “Boosted Apps from Glitch Creators”:

How many requests per minute do you think these projects get?

Anyway, given that, I’d highlight one of the recently added clauses in the Terms of Service (in fact it is highlighted at the top of the Glitch Legal page):

We reserve the right to delete, suspend, or terminate your access to, or ability to use, any and all Services that we determine to be placing undue strain on our infrastructure.

As I read it, this is a very broad permission to suspend projects. It explicitly worded to be something “we [Gltich] determine,” and it doesn’t commit to any quantitative guidelines that they’ll follow when enforcing this. Users like us are not able to tell you that the project you describe is compliant in this way.

On a separate topic, I want to talk about disk characteristics here. It is sometimes slow, it sometimes gets corrupted, and Glitch has not put forth the effort to monitor disk metrics.

  • slow - Example: Glitch CONSTANTLY Freezing
  • gets corrupted - Search for the keyword “dots” Search results for '"dots" order:latest_topic' - Glitch Support in recent threads to find stories about this. People’s project disks get corrupted, and when they try to open a corrupted file, the editor shows dots.
  • no monitoring - Glitch’s status page does not have any metrics on disk performance and reliability. There was recently a huge outage of project disks, and the metrics on the status page did not capture any deterioration of availability, even though most projects were not even able to start.

I’ve written about this /dev/xvdp1 is extremely slow occasionally, but there is no indication that the staff have received this feedback yet.

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Well I would use a Database such as mongol Also, I have used glitch for a long time now. And I have little to no latency. Also, the downtime was most likely caused by discord buts cause some people use quick.db instead of real dbs.