Is this just me? I need help. ASAP


Hello, to give you the rundown, I am trying to host my own version of bastion using Glitch. (Bastion is a Discord Bot) I get the following errors

I asked the Bot Moderator Support, they told me the problem was that it keeps saying something about dependencies, when they said all of them were verified or whatever, it says to not use shamefully flatten, and the moderator did not know what that was. I believe that is causing the errors, if someone could help me out that’d be great. The reason I was trying to run npm install is because it says I need to install discord.js first, using console. I also get that error when running pnpm


Hi @Vexiux,

the --shamefully-flatten option is not the culprit here. It looks like our package manager is not able to install the package named kitsu. We are investigating and will try to find possible solutions. We’re sorry for the inconvenience!


Hi @Vexiux,

we digged into this issue and found that kitsu was published in a broken state. We contacted the maintainer and they released a fixed version. If you try again, you should be able to install it using version 5.0.7 instead of 5.0.6.

In the next few hours we will also release a fix to our package manager to take care of this kind of broken packages automatically :slight_smile: