Is TomCat supported?

In a previous thread I made I asked about Apache2, now that I know how to use it on Glitch, I wanted to go a little further. On my Raspberry Pi 2 I have a TomCat server running, which I love, so now I am wondering if I can run a TomCat server along with Apache2 on Glitch. Is it possible?

Each container runs on nginx and apache2 with an example found somewhere.

Modifying Apache or downloading it may require permissions that glitch would not permit.

@glitch_support could you help and answer the question- is tomcat supported?

Glitch_Support is actually a user, not staff.

@support_staff is who you need to ping.

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Done! Changed to the support_staff group

Maybe you should refer to How can I modify Apache2 Config files?

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Hi @OverThrow

Take a look at the discussion @random posted and see if that helps you. If you need additional assistance after doing that, let us know!

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