Is using the file-system (fs) a good way of storing custom prefixes, messages etc..?


Is using the file-system (fs) a good way of storing per-server (per guild) prefixes, custom messages & more in a .json file or will it quickly exceed the disk space limit of the app?



Hey @PixelMania I’m hoping that other Discord bot authors will weigh in on whether or not this is reasonable for the specific Discord bot use case, but one thing to keep in mind in Glitch, specifically, is that if these files change regularly, even if the files themselves don’t cause disk space issues their presence in your git repo can quickly cause problems. You should make sure you gitignore them before that happens and you should be all right (for a text file to fill up even half the available disk space it would have to contain dozens of millions of characters).


Okay thank you for the help


I suggest using quick.db as that is better, and fs is not always reliable whenever I was testing out the use of FS