Is Your Project Suspended / Code Missing?


If you can no longer access your project because it is suspended, or the code is missing, please send a message to Be sure to let us know the name of your project(s) that have been affected.

If you have already sent a message to - Thanks! We will be respond to you shortly.


So yesterday my project was working fine and all but today it stoped working. then i came here to see what s the problem and then boom… no more code in my project. can anyone help me ? project name is carbotbjzk

thank you

Contact support - This issue has been happening a lot.

Exact same issue here! :eyes:

Probably another AWS issue.

I am running an Express server on the private project name of “project-peep” and have gone to check it to day.

When attempting to visit any page on the project I get this strange file explorer screen.

I’ve tried several times to ‘rewind’ the application, but it appears I have no backups for some bizarre reason.

Any assistance from the Glitch Team/Community is greatly appreciated. I’m aware that other people ([RESOLVED] All code missing from project) have had a similar issue.

Further information:

Screenshot of the application on request

Screenshot of the editor

Screenshot of the rewind system

my private project, groupofnuggets, was deleted for no reason. I was only able to recover some of the code. Is there any way i can restore it?

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I’ll ping @glitch_support and they should be able to help you

Might have been in violation of TOS or something similar like running out of space, etc

mine got deleted too and i dont know why

I just connected to glitch to see what’s the wrong with a project was running a Discord bot, because I was offline for a while and the members told me that the bot is broken, then I found this message:

-project-name- has been suspended

Reason: Error while preparing the project. Please contact Glitch Support.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

What’s the wrong?

Please email

Then what? what should I say?

Tell them the project name and ask why you were suspended.

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Projects get suspended when glitch receives alerts from AWS, the system blocks them for safety reasons and can only be recovered via

I sent an Email 3 days ago, but I didn’t get a reply until now

Hi, my project harmonious-banana has been suspended, it’s one of my Discord bots, what am I supposed to do with that?

Please email!


So it looks like there are two separate issues going on:

  1. Projects suspended due to Error While Preparing
  2. Projects that look like everything is gone except for the Assets.

The good news is that Support can fix both of these issues.

  • If you are affected by #1, we can unsuspend your project.
  • If you are affected by #2, we can restore your project to a backup.

To get help, just send a message to and we’ll assist you!
If you need a backup, please be sure to include the last date/time that your project looked the way you expected.

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