Issue with Non-Clickable Links in a Chatbot Application on Glitch

Hello Glitch Community,

I’m working on a chatbot application hosted on Glitch, designed to provide users with clickable links that redirect them to external sites for registrations and bookings. However, I’m encountering a problem where the links generated by the chatbot are not clickable. I’m seeking assistance to resolve this issue.

Description of the Issue:

  • The chatbot generates a URL as a part of its response to user queries.
  • This URL is intended to be a clickable link, taking users to an external site (e.g., a booking platform).
  • When users click on the link, nothing happens. The link appears in the chat interface but lacks the expected functionality.

Error Message:

When clicking on the link, the browser console displays the following error:


Blocked opening [URL] in a new window because the request was made in a sandboxed frame whose 'allow-popups' permission is not set.

Steps Taken to Resolve the Issue:

  1. Checked the href Attribute: Ensured that the href attribute of the link (<a> tag) is correctly set to the intended URL in the JavaScript code.
  2. Inspected the Link Element: Used the browser’s developer tools to inspect the link element, verifying that the href attribute is properly populated.
  3. Sandbox Attribute in iframe: Since the application is hosted on Glitch, which runs applications in a sandboxed environment, I considered that the issue might be related to sandbox restrictions. However, I’m not using an iframe directly in my application.
  4. Alternative Approaches: Contemplated instructing users to right-click the link and open it in a new tab manually, or changing the link to open in the same tab (target="_self"). However, these solutions are not ideal for the user experience I aim to provide.

Request for Assistance:

I’m looking for guidance on how to enable clickable links that open in new tabs/windows within the Glitch platform’s sandboxed environment. Specifically, how can I overcome the ‘allow-popups’ permission issue in this context? Any insights or suggestions from the community would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and help!

Hi there - is this error happening when you’re in the editor preview, or also when the app is in its own window?

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Thank you by just asking me that question i went to confirm if the error was also happening when the app was on it’s own window and the answer is no.

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Okay cool - the content security setting on the preview is because it’s an iframe, which comes with some restrictions from the browser for user safety. If your app can be accessed in its own window, that is ideal and you avoid those issues.