Issues remixing a project then renaming it

I remixed ~aframe-react-app which gave me ~rogue-almanac.

Then I changed the project name to ~aframe-react, which looks fine in the UI. But the URL in the browser does not change, and when opening the app, it says it cannot find the project. While the UI says it’s renamed, I cannot find ~aframe-react as one of my projects upon refresh.

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I might’ve had a project named this before and deleted it. While working on ~rogue-almanac and switching to another app, deleting it, Glitch tries to send me to ~aframe-react which I tried to rename to, but that project still does not exist.

Hi Kevin,

thanks for the report! Apparently this is a bug that happens when you try to use the same name of a deleted project: it looks like everything is fine from the UI, but actually the rename didn’t take place.

We’ll fix the bug soon; in the meantime, I’ve made the name aframe-react available, so if you want you can rename your project to aframe-react now.