Issues with adding features in Mapbox

I am having issues adding features to Mapbox, such as pictures, dotted lines, and paragraph features. Some text doesn’t show up when I add it either. Below is some text of the subtitles that do not appear on my map. I am not sure of the error Here is my current map:( Here is what I want my map to look like:(

Here is some of my code:
{ id: “chap-1”, title: “Washington Square Park”, subtitle: “Land of the Blacks and Little Africa”, subtitle: “Newgate Prison (Christopher/10th Street) and Potter’s Field”, subtitle: “Rose Butler’s Hanging”, subtitle: “Gay Activist Alliance Gay Ball at NYU Weinstein Hall”, image: “”, description:

I tried to enter in the subtitles and text through the form of description and neither appeared in the actual map, despite the syntax being correct. I can add more details if needed.