Issues with Glitch Nodes- Error when pinging on Discord?

Hi! Apologies; I’m a bit of a dingus with this kind of thing but…

I have a bot that’s been built and it’s a carbon copy of a main bot that I had help creating. Obviously, since this bot is different in certain respects, certain code commands are different, but otherwise the command build is exactly the same.

This new bot has started doubling up on content that is within a single command code. So if someone asks for a meme, instead of being given one meme it gives two. There is only one command, so I’m unsure of why it’s doubling up. I wound up deleting the code, yet the bot itself still produces the command even with the commands deleted. I’m not sure if that’s a mess up on my end or Glitch’s end.

That being said; I’ve changed certain letters in text commands to try and get the bot to update. Instead, the bot log Errors and sends out the previous command content, which is also confusing me.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m not sure how to go about fixing it. Hoping Glitch will give me a ticket number to email them with but I figured I’d reach out here as well.


Hi @awfullyclever, welcome back to Glitch!

I believe this is caused by your code and not by Glitch, can you share some of your code so we can debug this further?


Discord = require(“discord.js”)
const config = require(’…/config.json’); = (client, message, params) =>{
let imageUrlswas = [" (I deleted the images because there were A LOT) "

let randomImagewas = imageUrlswas[Math.floor(Math.random() * imageUrlswas.length)];`${randomImagewas}`);
// console.log(randomImagewas);


exports.conf = {
aliases: [‘memes-image’, ‘memesimage’]
}; = {
name: ‘memes’,
description: ‘get a memes image’,
usage: ‘memes’,
permissions: “N/A”

There’s one of the command links that’s been acting up and posting double images. I’m also having trouble with:

if (message.content.startsWith("!help")) {“sorry; I’m to obusy writing. Check back later.”)

if (message.content.contains(“lams”)) {“please…we can’t keep doing this…”)

The first one does not show up at all, and the second one does not produce the content that I changed it to. It only produces, “please, we can’t keep doing this…”

The errors I’m receiving seem to revolve around the ‘lams’ command, but I don’t know why it just isn’t updating?