Issues with my Console

Um, so, I was just trying to run a simple JS command: console.log (15 + 9) • 2;
and every time I’d open the console next to my code, I’d see an error that looked like this:

and i don’t know what it’s supposed to mean, can someone please help?
Here’s a clearer image of what the console looks like:

that’s the browser console, not glitch’s console.
to open glitch’s console, go to the Tools button and click the Terminal button.


this is what happens when i use glitch’s console: Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 18.26.27

are you trying to see the output of console.log?

the terminal is only used to do certain linux commands, not running code from it

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i guess…
but also, when i inspect the code i write on glitch, and then i try to edit it while the console is open, it says that the code is paused in the debugger and then i have to stop the debugger multiple times, and i haven’t even turned it on…but why does this happen?

why are you inspecting your code?

usually, the results show up in the console, and they did, but i kept getting weird error messages.

Glitch has it’s own result log, which can be accessed by click Logs.

i don’t see anything happening in the result log…

to run the console.log thing you typed in your file go to the Terminal (Glitch’s terminal) and type node [yourfilename].js

I see 2 errors and 2 warnings - which one are you referring to?

If you just want to run javascript commands, you can do any of the following:

  • Open the inspector and just run the command.
  • Go to and run the command there.
  • Get an app like RunJS, which can also run javascript commands.
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Hi @Kaito_and_Zahra!

The errors you’re seeing in the DevTools Console are the errors of the whole Glitch editor, not just the output of your code. You can ignore it. Or you can click “Show” > “Open in a new tab” and then when you check your DevTools console, you’ll see only the errors and output concerning your code.

@MGPlayzYT the Logs of the Glitch editor only shows output from a non-static site. @Kaito_and_Zahra’s Glitch project is a static project, meaning it’s output or errors do not show up in the Glitch Logs.

Hope this helps!


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