Issues with the Glitch API, Editor and Project availability

You may see projects go offline or be unable to load them in the editor. We’re investigating the cause and working on restoring the service.


My project’s editor is still offline :frowning:

@eXtraKute this could be why your editor is offline, if this isn’t the reason i don’t know

My project will still won’t load…

Same… hopefully it will be fixed soon. There’s been issues for the last 3 days.

Glitch is having some issues again with their API


are you sure its solved? im still getting the same error

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Me too. its not solved…

Sorry about that y’all, it appears the project issue stands and we’re on it!

Screenshot_91 Screenshot_92

I get different errors, but it say 503. It means currently the service is unavailable.


And also you can fix the undefined error at the screenshot mentioned below?

Currently I cannot find any project in my profile :frowning:

I’ve just poured a big cup of coffee to enjoy my nice Sunday with my fun project.
So wasted that hot cup coffee :frowning:


I can find my projects, but i cannot edit them.
I think, glitch is being DDoSed or maybe they doing something with the website.

Amazon Servers are used by Glitch, so whenever amazon servers gets hit, glitch start to hallucinate

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So, they hosting the projects on a AWS server?

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Yes, you can know that by seeing the SSL Certificate when you see a glitch website
Nope, it’s glitch’s issue, or they being ddosed. No issue or error at the AWS server currently.

Yeah, mostly getting Ddosed

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In that case, glitch needs a better protection against it. So, they being ddosed, but who and why?