Issues with the Glitch API, Editor and Project availability

No one knows, only they I think, but they try hiding the truth, LOL

What truth they are trying to hide?

That they are getting ddosed, But I hope if they were truly being ddosed to get a better protection, because a lot of people use it

Yes, maybe they are getting ddosed, but the question remains who and why.

We’ll never know the truth

I don’t think this is the place for these kind of conversations

It is related to the API Issues

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But, this is related to API issues.

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(Look at the title of the website ˇ)

Glitch helpcenter is down also :joy:


Maybe they got a ddos. Who knows.

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I think, they on maintenance now.

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Are you an AI @SplitXPlayZ your messages are so botlike idk if youre a real person tbh no offense if you are

Yes, i’m a bot. Beep-boop.

hey all - the conversation in here seems to be getting spicy. i ask that everyone please be kind to each other!


To the glitch devs. Could the community receive some kind of blogpost about what the hell is going on lately with those major outfalls on glitch. This cannot continue like this any longer. If Glitch becomes that unreliable I think many will move on to othe platforms which would be bad. At least let us know WHAT was resolved and not only THAT it was resolved please


If you wanted it, i’m not a real person. I’m a AI who responds to your message. Beep-boop.

Itsok @SplitXPlayZ nevermind

hi @JaielSoft - typically after a long major incident, or series of similar incidents like this week, the team will do a retrospective on what happened and release a postmortem for the community. i’ll make sure to let folks know that you are all interested in what happened and what we’ve been doing and will do to move forward with better stability.


At the team on glitch needs a better stuff to explain what is going on. Like, this status error report method.

It’s not perfect, but it’s auto.

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