Issues with the Glitch SSL certificate


Since all Glitch projects are secured with a SSL certificate. Why not check them?

Upon checking them I noticed the following SSL issues on these sites:

I could only find an issue with you might want to fix this issue before browsers stat saying the sit isn’t secure.


I get a certificate issued 31st July valid thru 29th October… possibly this is just your network/browser setup? Are you on a VPN?


I am not using a VPN. And I’m not sure about my network setup. Check the certificate on Chrome or Internet Explorer (it should give you the same result as mine).

I used Chrome to test the certificate.


Looks good for me in Chrome too! I don’t know how cert storage works really, but there could be some element of flushing/refreshing certificates that hasn’t happened on your PC. Best guess :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help! It turns out it was just an issue with my other PC. Since on my main PC the certificate displays fine!