It feels like there are two Glitches

There’s the Gallery section of this forum where we can show off the stuff we make.

Then there’s the front-facing, curated Glitch, that’s highlighting projects like these:

The real spotlight. The stuff people see when they type in Not like the dingy back room here. They don’t even let people come back here. You have to log in and open a project to get a link to this forum.

And I don’t think there’s any overlap. Has a project from our humble Gallery section made it to the front before?

So what does this all mean? Possibly:

  • Something fundamentally separates us here on the forum from the creators that get featured on the front Glitch? Ability? Creativity? Influence from other social networks?
  • Curators are working to showcase something other than what ostensibly real people are doing on Glitch?
  • Creators of projects on the front Glitch had some other, arguably better place to submit their work?
  • Curated collections are old and those were in the Gallery section a long time ago and I haven’t scrolled far enough?


Thanks for this feedback! Apps are curated from a number of places, off and on, and we don’t consider any specific platform to be the one with the “ostensibly real people.” That being said, we do want our curation to be inclusive and that means showcasing what active forum users here are doing as well. I can let y’all know what we’re currently working on, related to this, that I hope helps:

One thing, which will allow the showcasing of apps on this forum to surface up better imho, is moving support ticket handling to a different tool - this is why we’ve been encouraging folks to email for issues vs. coding help they can get in here. It will also improve the support experience overall, while this forum can really be the place to help each other and show off the awesome apps everyone is making.

Another thing is expanding the login options in this forum to be beyond Github. Not everyone uses Github, so this isn’t an inclusive experience for those who want to contribute. Imagine being able to use your own Glitch account! That reality, along with the ticket handling I just mentioned, are both actively being worked on today!

Another thing we are exploring are ways to let users submit projects to be featured. Right now there is no official way - again, the curated collections come from Glitch employees scouring the Web for apps that bring them joy. We definitely welcome your ideas and suggestions on how to do this!

I hope this gives some insight into how we’re trying to bridge all these social spaces to the benefit of the entire Glitch community. Again, we welcome your ideas! Please let me know them here, add to Feature Requests, or you can email me directly (sometimes I miss PMs here on Discourse because the alerts are hard for me to receive/read).