Items in the vendor folder should be treated like node_modules


When you install packages with composer (the PHP equivalent of NPM) they are put into a folder called vendor. Unfortunately, unlike the node_modules folder, items in vendor are not given the extra 1GB of space. It would be great it items in the vendor folder could go towards the 1GB like node_modules so a projects space could be used only for user code and not large packages.

You have my invisible vote!


For now, you can create a .gitignore file in the root of your folder and add the folder manually to achieve exact results.

# .gitignore

This is great feedback - I’ve been compiling notes on what would be a requirement for us to consider if we were to support languages besides JavaScript (I’m just doing discovery, don’t get too excited lol) - and treating that language’s package management like we do JavaScripts is an important one to note!


Yeah I do that exact method

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