Its possible to ping my project?

is it possible to ping my project like awake from my site(my site host is other not from glitch)?

? you can send a web request to your glitch project and it will respond if your remote ip isnt in a glitch blacklist, yes

i mean to ping the project every 1 time for dont shutdown

You can use UpTimeRobot, as your project is not hosted on glitch.

the glitch has blocked ping because they have pressure and they will open it soon after a week or more


both methods still work though (freshping, which i setup a proxy for: Let's have some fun with freshping - fresh-proxy and also opening the page directly, which i also have running in the background on my desktop via autostart: Glitch-bop - keep your project alive in those blocking days)

its this for keep 24/7 ? from local host ?

well, it’s the most legitimate ping there, i don’t currently run it on my home server, but the pc im using the browser from, but in theory it should work 24/7 yes.
i love how it like only takes a few kilobyte of ram.
it basically emulates running the website in another window/tab and theres no reason it could get blocked.

the freshping proxy on the other hand, forwards freshping pings and also seems to make the website stay on longer. but this needs a server thats accessible from the web, as freshpings ips are blocked.

i currently use glitch-bop for two glitch projects that just should work.

at the current situation though, for one project im actively editing right now, the editor gets stuck a lot, but that cannot be not because of the browser bot

i need help how to run in i dont know ts files ;d

theres a batch, with like each line having a comment,
start /min “GLITCHY” glitchy_deno run --unstable --allow-net --allow-env --allow-read --allow-write --allow-plugin bot.js.ts
idk why, but on my desktop i was never able to run .js files so i had to do some typescript there

idk its possible to run wirh cmd ? or .bat file

Batchfiles are run in the command prompt, just type the name of the batchfile in the command prompt and it should run.