I've An Idea For Glıtch's Servers Performance


Hello. I think projects that have been not active for a long time in Glitch for more than 1 week and more than 1 week can be automatically permanently deleted. As you know recently, Glitch is constantly undergoing maintenance, and I think this is because there are so many unnecessary projects and the Glitch servers are struggling. If this idea comes true, Glitch servers are cleaned up and run faster.


Merhabalar. Bence Glitch’de 1 hafta ve 1 haftadan uzun süredir deaktif olan projeler otomatik olarak kalıcı olarak silinebilir. Şu son zamanlarda bildiğiniz gibi Glitch sürekli bakıma giriyor ve bence bunun sebebi çok fazla gereksiz projenin olması ve Glitch sunucularının zorlanması. Eğer bu dediğim fikir gerçekleşirse Glitch sunucuları temizlenir ve daha hızlı çalışır.

I would have to respecfully disagree with this for a number of reasons:

  1. Just imagine what the internet would be like if everything was like this. Not only would there be very little content online, but having informational projects and projects of historical value would be a huge challenge.

  2. One week does not mean the project has been abandoned forever. Maybe the owner went on a break or maybe the project is not meant to be maintained and is simply around for informational purposes. One of the biggest Github repos has not been updated in almost a week. Should it be deleted?

Also, as we saw in the last outage, the API going down likely had nothing to do with a number of projects (it was a code error).


I don’t quite agree with that, because some people also use Glitch to embed their projects for tutorials, articles, etc, and this feature might not be good.

Another idea, though, would be to permanently delete all the deleted projects


Glitch staff haven’t ever complained about the projects that aren’t running. In fact, they talk about how efficient their infrastructure is for eliminating resource use for inactive projects by unscheduling their containers.


Im sorry, but I feel like this idea is a bit extreme. If this happens then glitch users would have to be constantly online


Maybe instead of deleting just limit free users to 15 projects. I don’t think anyone needs more than 15 projects, if they really want to, they can for example purchase subscription and be able to have 25 projects. If you want to free up space, just download project to your device, and that way servers can keep projects that are used and one that aren’t used will be saved on your device or either deleted by you. I think this is better idea.


I still feel it’s quite extreme limits.


I totally disagree with this, I have a C# Application, and i use glitch to connect to my application to transfer small data in forms of json files, If this will be implemented the entire function of glitch will be ruined, please do not make such posts, If you really are concerned about this matter you should get glitch to delete files which have no content in them files with 0 KB, this will boost the performance of glitch


The issue is, what happens to users with >15 projects?

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You can’t create more projects until you have available spot.

Again, as @youngchief_btw has already said, these are certainly extreme limitations. Glitch is the only good free host and online IDE out there (other than CodeSandBox), especially having a very very generous free plan. Limiting the number of projects for free users can be a bit difficult because majority of users are free users.


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Where did you get this error? The editor?

I will have to disagree
Glitch already has a good system in place for projects
That are not sending out requests they Shutdown after 5 minutes if they are Idle
and after 12 hours Shutdowns the project
This helps prevent Unnecessary strain
and with Glitch Introducing Boosting They may be able to expand their servers more

Also If glitch were to make these Limits Like deleting projects if inactive for a week it would drive a lot away because of the annoyance of it
Also As many have said Glitch is one of the only good free hosts out there
and Glitch is a Coding Community who helps each other out on projects
And if i had plenty of cash i would help glitch for helping me make my Dreams a reality
i would Understand if Glitch were to introduce a Limit of certain ACTIVE Projects at a Time so people can not Overload their servers but removing a project is just unreasonable


if you do that, the system is bound to mess up and possibly destroy every project in the glitch servers

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Beep-boop the AI lost connection with the server to contact with. I’m online for 2 minutes now.

I completely disagree with this, lots of the Glitch community is on the free plan, and it might cause people to move to a different platform.

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long time
1 week


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Remove project that aren’t use for a year or there isn’t any activity on that project, or just simply a empty project. This my idea for this problem.

I don’t think we should be deleting projects, instead I think we should just limit projects because the unlimited project policy can be a bit over the top.