[JAVA] Need 2 ports for discord bot to run and uptimerobot to return up




I am currently running a discord bot, and in the previous topic I created, I asked why my uptimerobot always told me it was down. I apparentally forgot to setup a JAVA http server. Eventually I created a JAVA http server, on the port 3000 of course. Sadly my discord bot now stops working after starting up, since my JAVA http server uses port 3000 which my discord bot previously used. I am curious is there any other port available for my http server to run on? So my discord bot is still able to run and run commands?

Thanks for reading!


I’m using UptimeRobot without any problems, I’ve set it to this:

Make sure the URL leads to your project and monitoring interval is every 5 minutes.


Mine isn’t a javascripts site, its basically a .jar but then the source which gets build through glitch.json running a java build command triggering maven to build my .jar, so it always returns “downtime” since I don’t have a HTTP server (running in my .jar). When I added a HTTP server in my .jar, my bot stops responding and eventually shutsdown since it doesn’t receive anything/can’t send anything since the port 3000 (which my bot automatically uses) is being used by the HTTP server which makes uptimerobot.com return “uptime” instead of “downtime”.