JavaScript error messages are vague


I have a red error triangle that pops up in my client.js file telling me that there are “too many errors (64% scanned)” - but I can’t find any errors elsewhere in the code and there are no indications of any of the errors that it claims to have found. I can comment out various lines and move the red flag up or down but I can’t seem to fix it. The deployment of the app seems unstable or unpredictable while this is going on - changes that I make aren’t being picked up by the deployment until much later, the app falls out of sync with the code, etc etc.

Any options or ideas?


Does it have lots of the little “info” icons?

These are displayed when you don’t put semicolons :rolling_eyes: and I think they’ll add up to “too many errors”.


Related naive question: It seems to work to use .jsx file extensions to prevent those warnings and use more es6 syntax. Any unintended consequences of doing that?


No info icons at all, just one lonely red triangle. I tried to put some closing semi’s around where I am used to js requiring them and got different feedback telling me to stop doing that.


I may have found it - I have a library (three.js) and Hyperdev takes issue with some of their Regex idioms (notably, assignment inside a conditional) which seems to “filling up the error stack” so to speak. Going to refactor the library a little and see if I can get it all fixed.

Nope! Now I have one lone red triangle in my three.js file (complaining of too many errors) and the same one in my client.js file - but no other errors that I can spot. three.js is 40k lines long so I guess if they take a minute to render I might have missed one. Would be clever to have a “go to next error” or something.


I don’t know if this will work, but to at least unblock your code, since HyperDev just uses the Ace editor you can use something like: application.editor().getSession().setUseWorker(false); in your dev console to turn off error reporting (until you refresh). If it does, then using it in greasemonkey would make it more usable. Please provide your project name and we can look into it more closely.


No idea, @dreeves, sorry.


changing to a jsx extension removed the error checking failure - this seems to work. You’re welcome to look at my project, did you want the random server name that was generated (venom-drop) or something else?