JavaScript help me

Hi there - can you check and see if you’re using Node 16 (a dependency for the latest discord.js)? It would be listed in package.json under “engines”.

I think it helps to show an example of the entry

“engines”: {
“node”: “^16.6.1”

but in this case it is academic as there is no package.json file in the project.

To the original poster. Are you following some instructions somewhere because you seem to have missed a step.

I appreciate the feedback, even if it was unsolicited in this case - I was doing a kindness in off-hours on my phone, which makes it hard to type out specific code snippets! But if anyone has further advice on how I respond to users in here, feel free to email so it doesn’t distract from the original post!

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Hi Jenn. Sometimes comments are just an attempt to improve the general level of interaction. I often (for instance) reply to questions with “I don’t think you’ve posted enough details” (or words to that effect).

I don’t know the answer to such questions but I can reasonably guess that nobody can figure out the question so I comment on it. I’ll try to avoid commenting on your posts going forward.