JSON Local Database


Hello Glitch

Today I am going to prepare for an api->dashboard and dashboard->api tutorial, this API will use a database, which eventually will contain more than 128MB. As known, the limit is 128MB, and my question is; is it possible to avoid/ignore the project size restriction for a local JSON database file?

This tutorial is supposed to help others understand the concept of;

  • transferring data through the browser to a server, and from the server to a browser
  • saving, storing and delivering data from a local database
  • Sharing data between a cross-api to clients, such as CURL or Postman, and indeed the browser.
  • How the browser can store data for later use (alternate to cookies; localStorage and sessionStorage)
  • How to use, create and maintain a system that handles user-interactions, such as registering a new user to a database
    • How to deal with securing a password: Turning a password into rubbish that is undecryptable and completely safe to use.
    • How to use that rubbish text to verify that a raw password is matching the rubbish data.
    • How to allow/deny users from doing certain actions, (e.g. deleting another user)

freshing up, how to avoid the project size restriction for local database JSON files.

Thanks in advance,
Richard Olsen Sandberg


No, you can’t avoid the project size limits. I suggest using a third-party service if you require more than 128MB of space. There are a few code examples of such integrations on https://glitch.com/storage