Json unwanted adding a "

if (message.content.startsWith(prefix + “give”)) {
let member = message.guild.member(message.mentions.users.first());
if (!member) return;
const selectedAmount = args.slice(1).join(’ ')
var idUser1 = message.author.id;
var idGuild1 = message.guild.id;
var idBoth1 = idUser1 + idGuild1;

var idUser2 = member.id;
var idBoth2 = idUser2 + idGuild1;
//if (idUser1 === idUser2) return message.channel.send(You can't give that to yourself, you already have that amount at yourself.);
setTimeout(function() {
if (selectedAmount > cashFile[idBoth1].wallet) {
message.reply(“You don’t have that much in your wallet!”)
} else {
message.channel.send(Gave ${selectedAmount} to ${member.user.tag})
if (cashFile[idBoth2].wallet === 0) {
cashFile[idBoth2].wallet += selectedAmount
} else {
cashFile[idBoth2].wallet += selectedAmount
cashFile[idBoth1].wallet -= selectedAmount
fs.writeFile("./cash.json", JSON.stringify(cashFile), err => {
if (err) console.log(err);
}, 5000)


This is what my code is, the lowest part is the json file, however when it gives the currency TO the user it makes the “wallet” change to:

I still cannot find a fix to this and getting/finding a fix to this would allow me to enabled 3 commands.

I think it’s the JSON.stringify part, but I ain’t sure.

JSON.stringify saves.