Jump to line number when linking to a specific line number in a project

Similar to gists, I wish the project visually jumped to the particular line number if you include the path parameter in your glitch project URL when sharing (ex: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/slack-bolt?path=index.js:150:1).

The current behavior is that it adds the cursor to that particular line number, but there is no indication of where the cursor is and, if the line is below the bottom of the page, the cursor won’t be visible.

This would be helpful when creating tutorials or documentation adjacent to a Glitch project to talk people through the code, what it’s doing in a specific function or on a particular line, etc.

Hey @shanedewael, thanks for the report! I can reproduce this, and I agree that scrolling the requested line into view _seems+ like the right thing to do; I’ve passed this on to the rest of the team.