Just bought boost but my bot will not connect

I tried to connect with my bot project (https://glitch.com/~collaboradev-game-voting) but it refuses to connect. I downloaded the files and ran them locally on my local machine changing only the .env values to be constants and it works perfectly.

When I run the same thing in glitch, I get no errors, nothing, it just hangs. My other bot works perfect and has the exact same connection code.

How do I get this resolved? Thanks.

This May be relevant

Thanks for the info. I decided to just cancel my upgrade subscription and migrate my applications to Heroku.

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The downtime is over, it may be a code error. Can you share your code.

Sure, this is the failing bot. I don’t think it’s a code error being that it works perfectly locally and deployed to heroku.

What errors are you getting in logs? Your code does seem right.

Maybe it’s this: Discord Ban mega-thread the second! (Discord bot / Something took too long to do)

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I wasn’t actually getting any errors, it would just time out. But when I tried to Ping Discord from within glitch, I got errors back.

The megaban thread sounds like exactly what the problem was. As soon as I move that coat off to another host at work perfectly.

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You must have been IP banned. You can post in the megaban thread and they can change the host. Really sorry about that!

Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate the help.

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If you need a quick solution, I’d recommend remixing the app then boosting the new app. This way you can get a new IP that hopefully, isn’t banned from Discord.

Thank you for the suggestion. But I’ve already migrated the app to a different hosting provider.

@glitch_support Maybe we could put boosted apps/bots on different IPs that are not being used by all the free apps, so they are less likely to get banned. Just an idea and it will possibly avoid people leaving/going to a different hosting provider that doesn’t have these issues because their bots that they are paying for are not actually working


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Or maybe talk with glitch and see if they can ban the problematic bots instead of the whole IP.

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Unfortunately, Glitch doesn’t really have control of what IP’s get banned and what don’t. Discord immediately escalates to an IP ban if there are multiple instances of abuse, which sometimes means one problematic bot can affect all the bots on that same IP. Glitch doesn’t really have a way to see which apps abuse Discord’s API.


Like what? Excessive requests?

Yeah, think like sending out mass DM’s, spamming the API. Take a look at this, it was sent by a Discord Staff member.

Regarding Rate Limits

A new system has been deployed that auto ip-bans IP addresses that send the API too many invalid requests. Today, that is considered to be requests that result in a 401, 403 or 429 HTTP status code as a response. This is in response to some pathologically bad bots spamming our API with said invalid requests.

This means that you need to send 25,000 requests in 10 minutes that result in a 401, 403 or 429 in order to be auto-banned.

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If that happens, isn’t it unhealthy for the Glitch servers also?

Probably more harmful for discord api.